Top 10 Newborn Must-Haves for the First Few Months

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Happy Sunday, friends! I have been waiting to share this because I wanted to really have a good feel before sharing some of my favorite baby products this far! But we are two months in and these products have been life savers! 

1. We love our DockATot. We just got this cover in and it's so pretty! Definitely comes in handy to have an extra cover. This is a pretty simple option too!
2. These muslin blankets are our favorite! They are so soft and you can find so many different patterns and colors. We use them for everything!
3. The boppy is a must. Make sure to get extra covers. Heck, get a second boppy too! We have one in the living room and one in our bedroom. It makes transitioning in the morning and night easier!
4. This sign has been a lifesaver! And now it is one of my go-to baby shower gifts. People will literally stop me in the store just to read it and ask where I got it. Definitely a must-have! Johanna, the mompreneur behind these tags is the sweetest and the story behind her business is so touching!
5. A sound machine is everything. We go everywhere with this little thing! And the charge on it is fantastic. It will last ALL day! We also got the Hatch which is a sound machine and night light for her bedroom. So once we move her to her crib, she has one in her room too! For now, we just place it next to the DockATot on our bed.
6. The Owlet Smart Sock gives us such peace of mind at night. It's pricey but so worth it! We just ordered the Owlet Baby Monitor and are excited to give it a go too!
7. Burp. Cloths. You can NEVER have enough. And a monogrammed burp cloth is the cutest. We were gifted a bunch from a friend and I love them so much! Why does adding a monogram to something so simple make it THAT much cuter!
8. A swing! This one so far has been a hit in our house! It vibrates, has white noise and music and rocks/swings! You can also take off the swing portion and use it as a floor rocker which is neat! We originally got the MamaRoo but girlfriend was just not a fan of it!
9. Such an easy tub to use! And I love that her little feet can hang down into the water. She loves kicking!
10. The UppaBaby Cruz Stroller. Y'all. We love this stroller. SO lightweight, so easy to use and it's so sleek looking! I know this is #10 on the list but honestly, it should be #1 because I literally love it so much!

Tell me - anything that I am missing that was a huge must-have for you during the first few months?
xo, Jess

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