We're having a BABY!

5:33:00 AM

We are so excited to share that we are expecting Baby Krueger early March 2019!

It feels like yesterday that Zach and I had that conversation about when we would start trying. (It was actually earlier this year at the airport on the way to New York City!) We knew we wanted to start trying this year but hadn't really put too much thought into the when until then.

Fast forward 6 months - I found out one early morning in June. I had to actually keep it a secret for TWO days from Zach because he had a VERY important interview and test to prepare for that week (go figure!) and I didn't want to take his mind off of them! Ha!

But that long two day wait was so worth it - he passed the interview and test (go Z!) and we were able to celebrate his success as well as all of this exciting baby news! The look on his face was priceless - he was so happy!

I'll give you a short and sweet bump update since I've had so many friends and family members ask about how I am feeling! Here's a little rundown on the last 14 weeks!

How far along: 15 weeks on Friday!

Due date: March 1st! 

Sickness: The morning sickness was REAL during weeks 6 through 13. It wasn't until about midweek 13 that I started to feel a little bit more like myself. I've started going back to the gym for cardio and am starting back with yoga this weekend! It was really hard for me to give it up the last two months! However, my skin is a whole other story - I’ve broken out a lot! (Thanks hormones!) I'm hoping this will calm down soon. I've started to get a little heartburn recently which tums have helped to ease. 

Cravings & Aversions: I mostly have aversions to meat. It just doesn't sound appealing at all. I'm loving all fruit, veggies and nuts. I also have been craving crushed ice! I tend to have a large cup of crushed ice water each night before bed - it's sort of like a treat!

Physical changes: I've definitely started to get a little bump which is noticeable if I wear a fitted t-shirt or fitted dress. But mainly the "girls" have grown a whole lot (hello painful sleeping) and this acne makes me feel like I am back in high school!

Gender: We should find out the gender next week and are planning a gender reveal party for our family! I think this has been the most exciting thing so far for us as we can't wait to know what this sweet babe is. I think it's a boy and Zach thinks it's a girl! I'll share more after the party!

Thank y’all so much for sharing this excitement with us!

All photos were taken by the fab Faye's Faith Photography.

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