A Birthday Tea #OOTD - 28

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28. It is kind of crazy for me to type. One week from today I will turn 28. I don't know what it is about this birthday but it is absolutely terrifying. 22 feels like it was just yesterday. Where does the time go? And I am sure in a blink of an eye, I will be 30 and then 40 and then...

Anyone else feeling like this? Or just me?

Well with that out of the way, I must say I do have some of the best friends ever. They still indulge the fact that I love a good tea party (see the 26th birthday here) and they all came back again this year to celebrate. (Insert happy dance) 

Y'all know I love a good tradition. And with that I am a huge fan of Lady Ann's Restaurant & Tea Room and have been coming here for years! If you are in the Treasure Coast area, it is a MUST especially if you have daughters! They also have a wonderful Mother's Day Lunch every year too.

The best part about Lady Ann's is that it is served in courses and you can pick how many. I always go with the 5 course selection which includes entree, soup, salad, scones and dessert! Can't go wrong there! Enjoy a few snaps from our lunch!
So I literally can't help myself when it comes to monogramming. I love anything that is personalized! This sweater is from Target and I had a friend add my monogram to it! In love!

A little throw back - 2016 & 2018!
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Ps. My thumb ring is from LC Lauren Conrad's new fine jewelry collection at Kohl's! My version is sold out, but this one is very similar!

xo, Jess

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