December Bucket List

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Hi friends! So I am totally taking a page right from Ashley Brooke today and sharing my December Bucket List with you all.

Ashley's list is full of so many wonderful and traditional holiday must-dos so I just copied and pasted, changing a few here and there while adding in my own personal favs! Ps. I'm dying to give her GNO DIY Hair Barrettes a shot!

  1. Rock some red lipstick - I usually stick to my nudes so I like to be a little daring during the holidays. 
  2. Decorate Sugar Cookies - This one is truly a no brainer especially since my MIL is a cookie baking genius
  3. Attend a Christmas Party - Two down, one to go!
  4. Order and mail Christmas cards - Check
  5. Get some friends together for a bonfire! 
  6. Attend a Christmas ornament making event - Done!
  7. Complete a Christmas inspired DIY project with the hubs - This mantle is everything I've ever wanted.
  8. DIY Christmas Sweaters 
  9. Build a Gingerbread House
  10. Go on a fancy holiday date night 
  11. Get a Christmas inspired mani & pedi 
  12. Watch 'Four Christmases' with Z - It's our fav!
  13. Host a Holiday Party complete with annual ornament exchange - This Sunday! Pics to follow.
  14. Wach Hallmark movies while wrapping gifts - Let's be honest, this happens nearly every night! 
  15. Make homemade paper jelly & handmade gifts for family! (in the works!) 
  16. Create a Christmas Playlist - Follow along here!
  17. Sneak a kiss under the mistletoe - maybe even document it for proof!
And most importantly, enjoy time at home with Z! Since he works Christmas Day AND New Year's Eve this year, I want to try and savor as many of the sweet holiday traditions at home that I can! 

What would you add?

xo, Jessica

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