A Very Married Christmas Photoshoot

11:54:00 AM

Ok, ok, I am not entirely too sure what I did to end up with such a very patient and understanding better half. He not only "gets" my love of a good photoshoot but also doesn't put up too big of a fight on all the details.

I called our trusty fav photographer Faye's Faith Photography and we met on one rainy Sunday afternoon to catch some Christmas photos! The rain literally stopped JUST in time! It was pretty awesome. 

We threw together a little milk and cookie set using a lot of our wedding stuff and it was seriously too cute. Insert a flower crown from Giordano's, my sweet hubs, cookies from the MIL and you got yourself a Christmas photoshoot!

If I don't say it enough - Z, thanks for loving me and putting up with this! Ha. 

Also, you must buy this dress right now - it's nearly 75% off! Comes in this color too but y'all know my love for a dusty blue! 

Wishing you all a wonderful and happy holiday season! 

xo, Jessica

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