Holiday Gift Guide: Rose Gold

7:13:00 AM

Raise your hand if you're a rose gold fan? Insert hand in the air emoji here! There are so many good rose gold options out there so I took some time to round up a few favs and some of what is on my Christmas list this year too!

First things first, as a PR professional, I honestly can't for the life of me figure out how I have gotten this far along without an Apple Watch. I mean seriously! So this baby is at the very top of my list this year! 

And let's talk about the mules. Ohhhh the mules. Pointy toed, rose gold goodness is what they are and on SALE. 

How many of you are also digging this whole velvet trend? Because I jumped right on board picking up a few blouses on Black Friday and wouldn't mind adding this pretty pink camisole to the closet. And for $10, might as well buy a few. 

Click below to get your shop on!

What would you add to the list?

Ps. Z if you're reading, I'll take it all. xoxo


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