Five Favorite Wedding Details from a New Mrs.

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Warning. This is a long one. 

I’m not going to lie, when it comes to planning a wedding, it literally feels like there are million and one things to do and remember. I honestly felt like pinning on Pinterest had become my second job during the process and it becomes so easy to get caught up in the little details thanks to those swoon-worthy photographs constantly popping up. I am also not going to tell you not to fall in love with details. In fact, I am going to share with you 5 of my favorite details from our wedding.

It’s normally the simplest things that are the most significant and meaningful. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll love these ideas and maybe even incorporate them into your big day! I am going to get a bit personal and explain to you why each of these details were so important to us and what I/we plan to do with each one as each anniversary passes.

Let me first quickly catch you up to speed on why vintage/custom details are so special to Zach and I. In the beginning months of Zach and I’s relationship, I mentioned to him briefly how touching it would be to one day hand down my once current favorite possessions as "vintage/something old" for my future children. And boy did he take that to heart. 

When he asked me to marry him, he said to me how he knew I always wanted something special with a vintage feel and unknown history – and that is exactly what I got. My engagement ring is from the early 1900’s and I hope one day I am able to hand it down with the same love and purpose as when it was given to me.

Ok on to the fun stuff, 5 details to incorporate into your wedding.
1. Wedding Day Fragrance – The Major Memory Trigger

What better way to remember your wedding than by having a special scent take you right back? Not to mention put you immediately into a romantic mood!  

Take your future spouse to the store to help you pick out a new perfume/cologne for the wedding day. Now I love love love this idea. In our case, I ordered a BUNCH of samples from Sephora and experimented by wearing them around the house and out to dinner asking for Zach's opinion. 
Be sure to always test it out on your skin, because you never know how it will smell after it settles. We ending up choosing Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming and let me tell you... this makes me melt every single time I smell it.

I wore the perfume over the weekend and it INSTANTLY brought me right back to our wedding day and the feeling I had while marrying my best friend. I’m constantly fighting the urge to wear it daily.
Tip: You can go into Sephora and they will bottle you a tiny sample of any perfume you are interested in!

2. Add an “extra” special touch. Or two.

I thought I had this covered and then Zach went and surprised me with this stunning light blue brooch and it made everything that more special.

I received my K bouquet wrap from a dear vendor on Etsy and it was absolutely everything I ever wanted. The K symbolized my new last name and she incorporated our wedding colors to accent. Our florist then created a one-of-a-kind stunning floral arrangement and it all came together so perfectly. But then Z had to go and take it up a notch gifting me a 1950’s light blue brooch from Sweet & Spark which I added to my bouquet the day of. I think it was my favorite piece I wore the day of our wedding other than my new bling of course! 

Whether you decide to go the monogram route, simple colored ribbon, burlap, you name it, you won’t be disappointed with a bouquet wrap. And if you are looking for an extra touch, add in a brooch (a family heirloom would be stunning) or locket, etc. These details will forever be cherished.

My long term goal…to perhaps have our son’s wife-to-be walk down the aisle holding the same K bouquet wrap I held. A girl can dream right?
3       3. Jewelry!

Depending on the detailing of your dress, allow your jewelry to take a back burner. It is so easy to get excited with a necklace, bracelets, earrings, etc and over-accessorize. I wore a simple tri-colored blue Swarovski bracelet and simple Swarovski drop earrings. I wanted to keep it simple as my whole vision was centered around the color, light blue. Light blue everything y'all. Since I decided to wear a blue sash, and my lace topper went right to my collarbone, there was no need to wear a necklace. And my headpiece was such a statement piece that everything else needed to be kept to a minimum to avoid overdoing it. The pros will tell you less is more and I agree to a certain extent. Go big on one thing and then simplify the rest. It will all come together beautifully.

      Again, long term goals here, to wear these special pieces on our anniversaries and eventually hand them down. 

4. Wedding Day Shoes: Yes, yes I know – so many people are going to tell you not to splurge. I am absolutely NOT one of those people. After all, my blog is named Hightailing in High Heels. I splurged and I wore my wedding shoes right up until after dinner when I changed into an adorable glittery pair of Kate Spade Keds gifted to me by my besties to finish dancing the night away. 

Why did I splurge? Because I wear heels daily and I am a sucker for them and I can't help it. If it's not your style, splurge on a beautiful pair of Swarovski embellished sandals or flats or maybe even a monogrammed Jack Rogers sandal, etc. Do what makes your heart happy! This extra little detail made me over the moon ecstatic to walk down the aisle and truly showed more of my personality. My long term goal is to wear my wedding day shoes every anniversary. Yeah yeah, I know I am cheesy. And you know what? I love every bit of it.

5. Sweet Extras

Customize your cake topper. I am all about custom/personalized pieces! Since the moment I met Z, I've considered and told him he was my favorite. Now, I know I am not supposed to pick favorites but this guy takes the cake! Ha! So when I went on the hunt for a cake topper, "You're My Favorite" seemed 100% accurate. Now there are so many options out there, have fun with it! From a beach theme, to initials, to personal sayings, etc. This was a close favorite of mine too.

I'm not quite sure what we will do with our cake topper in the years to come but for now it looks pretty propped up in our china cabinet!

Phew. Ok, I know that was a lot but these details meant the world to us and perhaps they will to you too! Now take them with a grain of salt, as some might not apply to you and that's ok. Most importantly, remember that this is about you and the love of your life. And enjoy every single minute of it. So if you want to wear the Mrs. robe, the diamond ring watch or bride-to-be phone case or ANYTHING, DO IT.

Also, if you're like me and can't get enough, check out a few of these extras I rounded up that would make the cutest additions to any big day!

Have questions? Feel free to shoot me an email! 

xo, Jess

photos taken by Faye's Faith Photography

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  1. This is the place for a beautiful wedding. The ceremony was held in the dining hall of DC wedding venues, which commands a breath-taking view of the city. I only wish I appreciated it more when I was there. Oh well. You live and learn.