Instagram Stories Roundup: Work Wear Edition

10:17:00 AM

Hi! I've gotten so many questions recently about the clothes I wear for work that I've been posting on my Insta stories. Especially THESE wedges that are currently on sale for $34.99! I work in a typical business casual environment and I tend to sway towards the traditional dress pants and blouse #OOTD.

As a girl on a budget, I love to shop the sales (duh!) and I shop a few main go-to stores: Target, Kohl's, Old Navy & T. J. Maxx.

Below I am sharing some of my recent outfits and linking the items or similar items in the same price range! Ps. Sorry for the iPhone/mirror selfie quality pics.

topbeltpants | flats

Also here are a few items that I've been eyeing and feel like I need in my life! I mean the peep toe booties are a dream and under $35!

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe holiday weekend! 


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