Bridal Shower #OOTD Inspiration

1:06:00 PM

Ok ladies! In just a few short weeks, I will be celebrating my bridal shower with family and friends and to say I am excited is most definitely an understatement! I have started my inspiration gathering of outfit prepping and let's just say, I am loving what I am seeing! Thought I'd share a little pink spin on the normal white/ivory number as well as matching accessories perfect for any bride-to-be! Talk about perfection!


1. I may or may not have ordered this beautiful dress in ivory for my shower.

2. I just bought Love Relentlessly by Tory Burch and it. is. to. die. for. The smell is amazing!

3. I also may or may not be waiting for these pumps to come in the mail. Z is going to kill me!

xo, Jess

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