Engagement Photos: You're My Favorite

10:30:00 AM

Warning: Semi sappy post ahead.

From the very moment I met Zach, I knew something was different about him. He had a way of making me still when he talked and without even knowing it, he instantly became my favorite person. For anyone who knows me, still is not a word I use to describe my chaotic, overwhelming, whirlwind of a self. And as our lives have grown together, he's become my favorite memory, my favorite daily goodbye, and all around my absolute favorite part of my life. I won't get too mushy on you all, but Faye Marti with Faye's Faith Photography captured Zach and I perfectly in our latest edition of engagement photos. (Yes, I know I LOVE photos) Faye was such a gem to work with and her style absolutely shines in her photography as you can see below. And the best part was that we remained ourselves in front of her, two goofy people laughing and poking fun at each other while Faye snapped away. We can't wait for her to photograph our wedding day.

A special shout out to Jackie at The Studio Salon for my hair and makeup, Allison at Swirls and Sunshine for my custom "You're My Favorite" sign, and Ralph at Giordano's for yet again another fabulous flower crown. And most importantly Faye for these sweet still moments between the love of my life and myself. #shoplocal

Check out a sneak peek below of some of my absolute favorites.

I wish I could share every single photo but we would be here for days! We had such a wonderful time taking these photos with Faye, and are over the moon excited for our wedding day.

Local? Then you must meet Faye. Check out her Instagram or contact her here.

xo, Jess

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