Captured: What's in my Makeup Bag

5:55:00 PM

Spilling a few things that I can't live without in my makeup bag this week. I must tell you that for the past year, I have been a huge fan of all things Benefit Cosmetics. From the concealer to foundation to the bronzer! I really just love their brand.

A few of my favorite makeup brushes by bh Cosmetics

I have always had a hard time finding an exact shade to match my skin tone but after some help from the ladies at Sephora, this Benefit foundation seems to do the trick. It blends very well and is super lightweight which makes me a very happy girl. 

And last but not least, my absolute favorite lipstick/lip glosses by Too Faced! These are my favorite go-to shades. They glide on easy and after a few minutes, they sort of melt perfectly creating a lasting pout! 

What makeup products are you currently loving? 

xo, Jessica 

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