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Hi! After 10 beautiful days of vacation, I am back and...ENGAGED! I know, it was just as big of a surprise to me, too. And boy, did Z get me good. A surprise I never saw coming.

Our very first date was at a coffee shop in Vero Beach, so little did I know what was waiting for me after I finished my mug of orange juice down in Key Largo. (I opted for OJ that morning instead of coffee for once - go figure) Z was a somewhat of a patient man as he waited for me finish drinking it. So much so, he literally asked to drink some of it. My life is filled with so much more love, laughter and happiness with him in it. I feel incredibly overjoyed to spend the rest of my life with him.

Enjoy a few snaps of what went down this past weekend.

Any tips or tricks that any of you could share with this bride-to-be would be super appreciated! Our first step is our date and venue. Hopefully this little old blog of mine doesn't turn into a full on wedding blog but maybe I'll sprinkle in some wedding Wednesday posts here and there.

This has honestly been such an exciting time in our lives and I cannot wait to share the details as we begin to plan our wedding.

xo, Jessica 

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