Game day Style: Gator Blue, Orange and Bows

6:35:00 AM


So I don't know about any of you but I am sure one happy gator girl that college football is back! Can't you see the excitement all over my face! I have been stocking up on my orange and blue accessories for months now preparing for this season! I also feel the need to buy every gator blue item out there, whether that be a shirt, dress, scarf, you name it --I probably have it. I recently picked up this crepe top from Old Navy and thought it would be perfect for a night out to watch the game with friends. (We won by the way)

Now as a UF alum, you know I will love our boys through all kinds of weather but I have a pretty good feeling about this year. So it was only natural that I share my gator game day attire with you! These earrings are possibly the coolest custom creation EVER. Heather over at WonderfullyWaits created them for me. Yes, you need a pair too. And if you aren't a gator fan (shame on you) she also makes them for other teams too! Aren't they just darling?
Go Gators!

xo, Jessica

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  1. I had a game day style look on my blog this week too! It's so fun to dress up in your team's colors!

    xo Michelle Paige