Staycation Details: Girls Weekend

12:50:00 PM

Well Monday is here and the weekend has come and gone. I especially enjoyed this previous weekend as I stayed at the most adorable resort close to home.

Costa d'Este Beach Resort and Spa welcomed us with open arms! I spent the majority of my time lounging by their oceanfront infinity pool and sipping on fruity drinks from a pineapple. hey, don't judge. 

The group of us enjoyed relaxing to good music, cool ocean breezes and the view wasn't bad either. Just the perfect ingredients for a perfect weekend!

Girls weekends really are the best. You get to talk all about guys, there's no judgement when it comes to eating or drinking, it's complete relaxation (95% of the time), and normally you don't have to wear much makeup or do your hair. (hallelujah!)

Here are a few photos I snapped poolside. This floppy hat was a lifesaver. That Florida sun was harsh this weekend. Don't forget to wear your spf people!

Cheers to this holiday weekend! Babes and I are off to Blue Ridge for the Fourth!

xo, Jessica

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