New York was Such a Good Idea

7:59:00 AM

Isn't that the saying or something like it? Well, indeed it was such a good idea. And to prove it, here are some pics that I got from the weekend.

I was there less than 48 hours but the amount of things that I accomplished made the entire trip worth it. Not only because of the people that experienced it with me, but that they helped make my trip even more memorable and put up with my "blogger" pics.

Let's see..

I explored Central Park. Those colors though! Ain't nothing like that in Florida y'all. Can I go back?

I went to the New York Public Library. You know..the place where Big and Carrie should have gotten married. smh.

I traveled the streets like a pro.

I took the train.

I hailed a cab.

I soaked up every minute of being in that City.

I love New York. I love the fact that I was surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people that were all going in different ways. And to me, that is complete and utter chaos and it just gets me.

Favorite quote of the weekend: "Who needs bigger bathrooms when you have bigger dreams?"

Amirite? (Just get ME a really big closet)
Outfit Statement Pieces:
Coat: Old Navy, Similar, I need this one
Boots: Target, Here
Scarves, Target, Similar 1, 2, 3

xo, Jessica

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