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7:08:00 AM

My last name. Blonde. Beaches. Boston. Boys. Baseball. Beer. Besties. You name it.

Where have I been the last few weeks, you ask?

Oh, anywhere and everywhere I tell you. Allow me to catch you up with some pics. Because pics are so much more fun than words.

So I went blonder. Shocker, I'm sure. I knew it was coming. I just feel more myself as I layer in the highlights. I'm loving it.

I also took some time off. Ok, a lot of time off. I may have played hooky and also taken a vacation.

I spent some time with my little sister. Hard to believe she's only 12. She's my little mini me I tell you. My mom is in for some trouble.

The beaches in South Florida are my favorite. Especially the quiet ones. Deserted almost. Peaceful.

Then I went to Beantown. My first time actually. It was a BLAST. The city, the atmosphere, the accents and especially the people. Oh the people. So brutally honest, loud and hysterical. I think I may have just described myself as well. The whole visit just really sat well with me.

I went to Fenway, the Boston Library, Quincy Market, you name it. I walked over 10 miles of that beautiful city and I dream of the next time I will visit.

Next stop, New York and Denver. 

Big news coming, stay tuned. 

xo, Jessica 

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