A Very Merry Christmas Indeed.

12:35:00 PM

Oh, hey! Have you missed me? I thought I'd pop in and say hi to you all. The last two months have gone by so quickly and I certainly do not know where to start.

But let me first wish you all a late Merry Christmas! I had the most wonderful time with family and friends. I am beyond spoiled and I do truly enjoy the holiday season.

Here's a quick glimpse in photos from this week. I treated myself to a Christmas mani and new rose gold ring that so perfectly matches my rose gold watch (from Target of course). I spent countless hours wrapping, poor Molly moo didn't know what to do with herself with all of the chaos. Note to self: must get her to groomers asap. And two adorable gifts that I received this year! The first, a pair of lamb slippers - to die for and a new gym bag! Ha. Fits me to a tee, of course. Shopaholic.

xo, Jessica 

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