Cool It, Busy Bee.

2:09:00 PM

Well hey there! Happy Friday! I am beyond excited to get the party started this weekend, who's with me?

So I've actually got another concert to attend this weekend. Only this time it's Jason Aldean and Jake Owen! I feel like I can't catch a breathe but I am really loving to learn to say yes to things. I've always been one to say the words, no, but, why, well, etc. No more! It's called the yes game for a reason and life is so breathtakingly beautiful that it's time to experience it. These are the days that I am going to miss later on in life and I want to live them and enjoy every minute of it!  Again, my Saturday will include a little game time (Go Gators!), tailgating, concert and more time out on the town with the girls!

I totally go to way too many country concerts...said no one ever. Boots, booze & country music - here I come again! And just for fun - another little country concert attire inspiration below too! I wonder if I could pull off a light pink top - we shall see. 

In other country news, I have purchased my ticket for the end of October to see these two gorgeous men below: Florida Georgia Line. Oh my goodness. I have seen them a couple times already this year but they sure do know how to put on a show. Just look at them, looking all gorgeous and what not. This photo is from February this year when I saw them at the county fair. Seriously, sometimes it is just not fair to be THAT good looking. Where is my good ol, American country man?

Ready. Set. Tailgate. Later gators!

xo, Jessica 

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