The Creative Bug Bites Again

12:11:00 PM

Well happy Tuesday to you all! I hope you had just as much fun as I did this weekend if not more. I spent a lot of my time using my creativity and completing a few DIY projects at home. I think that when you focus your attention on something creative, it allows the mind and body to regenerate and regroup. It was really nice to just take my time working on these projects. I am pretty pleased with how they came out.

Ok, so do you remember these pretty little pink desk accessories? Well I wanted to update my new office but take out some of the pink. I really love this pieces and wanted to keep them because the design is pretty so I thought of sanding them down and painting them a pretty cream color. 

Here's how the pieces turned out and I am very happy with them! They are more of a cream color in person and look great in my office. Eventually, I will get around to posting some pictures of my new office. Also below are some recent photos from Instagram. I am in LOVE with these Nine West flats. They are a dark taupe color and go with pretty much everything. I received the gold iphone case as a gift from my boss last week for my promotion..more on that later. And the polka dot art piece was another little creation of mine. It felt so good to have a paint brush in hand. 
"The mind is like a parachute, it doesn't work unless it's open" 

Here's to the week lovelies! 

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