Spring Favorites Part One

6:30:00 AM

Hi loves! Sorry I've been a little out of touch. It's been a crazy few days and I can't believe it's already Wednesday. So I love neutrals, this is no surprise. But I also love pastels. Little bits of color here and there never hurt anyone. So I have made a sweet little Spring favorites board below all centered around once cream blouse (my signature). There is so much you can add to spruce up a neutral top! And most of the below things I already own/ am dying to own. What do you think?

Do you change your perfume during each season? I usually have a few favorites that I alternate with but lately have found myself drenching my clothes in Miss Dior. Such a sweet scent for a sweet time of the year! I need to get a new bottle soon though - because at the rate I am going it will be gone in a few weeks. Do you love a sweet perfume? Also - I plan to post a second part of spring favorites for the house this week. I love bringing in some pretty colors for the spring time - especially flowers! 

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