Shopping 101: I've been a bad girl.

7:19:00 AM

I don't know about you but that three day weekend sure has put a dent in my work week. I seriously can't get caught up. It's already Thursday, tomorrow is Friday and BAM, weekend is here. Who's excited? This gal sure is IF I can make it through the next two work days! Anyways wanted to update you on what's been going on lately. I've spent a lot of time out of town for work and a lot of time at the beach. Seems appropriate right? Oh, and a lot of time buying things I clearly do not need. Please allow me to show you all the random things that I have bought lately. Some of which may have been needed...others I could go without. But hey - most of it was on sale! 

First off, let me start by reminding you all that I seriously love Target. The things that I can do in that store are absolutely ridiculous. I wish I had time energy for a second job because I would definitely apply to work at Target. So lately I have been visiting Target on the regular and I got these super cute wedges for a graduation party this weekend, another cardigan, blouse and an Essie nail polish in Gym Dandy. Because I definitely needed another taupe color to add to my never-ending supply. I also enjoy shopping at TJ Maxx. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad. I clearly needed two new perfumes. However, in my defense, Burberry is an wear all year perfume and I was running low and it was a great price! Kate Spade Twirl was just a bonus. The bottle is cute and it smells good. Other small things that I just happened to throw in the cart were a hair brush (perfect for wet hair) and a super cute link bracelet. I also caved and bought a new mousepad from Zazzle and matching round stickers for my office. What can I say, I am a child girly girl. 

Well, wishing you all a very fun weekend and hopes that you find such good deals as I did at Target and TJ Maxx. Why must I love shopping so much?

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