You do need it.

11:55:00 AM

You know the saying.. "You don't need it." Well I think you do. Go for it. Get it all. Okay, kidding because if I truly just went for it all I'd be living back at my moms in a teeny tiny room consumed of all my belongings..hoarder. But there are times that I just HAVE to have it. Don't you? Well if I had my way, I'd have all of the following things below that I am just lusting to have right now. But I must have self control because rent is due and if the new apartment comes through..then that means moving and moving costs money. Ah. Anyways you know my love of golds and beiges and here is just more proof that I am drawn to none other than all of these colors. I have a wedding to attend next weekend and I think I am going to order the gold pumps below to go with a dress I found at Franchesca's. I'll post the wedding look soon! 

So that's my story and I am sticking to it. Consider the shoes bought! xoxo

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