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Well hi there! I've been a pretty busy little gal these past few days. The weekend was a whirlwind and I am full swing kicking out the work week. On Tuesday, I worked remotely from Key Largo, FL. A few members of my company flew to work out some details with one of our clients. 

So I consider myself pretty low on the corporate ladder. I mean, I am only 23 years old and freshly out of college but there are some pretty neat perks being on the lower level - like for example... flying in a private plane! I mean I needed photos of the client and what better way than to just go there and take them myself, right? Well it just so happened that my company had to visit and they let me..little ol me go with them and ride shotgun in the private plane. OMG - I wanted to faint.

We arrived in style in this pretty little thing below.

I wore this cute little outfit below. Thankfully the shirt under the blazer was sleeveless and as I drove around the community on a golf cart - I was able to take off my blazer and not be dying of heat. I am in love with the shoes too. Another amazing steal from TJ Maxx, Tahari pumps for $39.99! 

As for last weekend - it was pretty awesome! I went to my cousins wedding and it was simply beautiful. It was right on the river and we danced the whole night away. 

Here's a picture of me and my momma! Sorry for the sweaty face - sadly I didn't get any nice pictures. The wedding was outside and oh my was the humidity kicking! By the way, I swear I curled my hair for the wedding. It was straight as a board by nightfall! 

I loved the color I chose for my mani! I was going to go with Sand Tropez by Essie but I decided to go with Essie's Topless & Barefoot. It matched my dress so well! 

Anywho, I am pretty excited that tomorrow is Friday and I am ready for the weekend! It's my roomies birthday and we've got some fun things planned! 

So I am still in hopes of finding a home closer to work and with those hopes come visions and excitement. Here's a little bathroom inspiration I've had lately. I find that I usually get the best deals and score the cutest things when I am not really on the lookout for anything specific.  I usually just come upon it and buy little things here and there. I think I will begin looking for bathroom decor like the below. What do you think? And would you expect anything more than gold and cream from me? ;) 

Have a great day! 

xoxo Jessica 

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