Spending Money & DIY Weekend

10:45:00 AM

Let's catch up shall we? I really do believe we need another day after Sunday to prepare for the week ahead. I usually stay home on Sundays and try to prepare but none of the sort happened yesterday. Saturday was an errand day followed by a night out with friends. I spent Sunday as a date day. B and I went to the movies, did a little shopping and finished the day with dinner. It's hard to find a guy that will put up with my shopping habits, but I think he manages it quite well.

So here are a few of my favorite purchases from the weekend. Is it just me or do you like to have something new each week too? lol  Whether it's something like a new concealer or a necklace - something cheap or expensive - etc - I can't help myself.

So the shirt and necklaces are from Forever21, flats from Nine West, skinnies from Target and 10k gold pearls and Essie nail polish in Topless and Barefoot from Walmart.

I am a huge fan of bargain shopping and combined with coupons, gift cards and store deals - I got all of the below for about $100! I'm in LOVE.

In addition to shopping and hanging with the boyfriend and friends this weekend, I also managed to recreate a piece of artwork that I fell in love with over at Veronika's Blushing

Here is her version:

Here is mine: 

I have a lot of black furniture in my house so I wanted to keep it consistent with the frame color. I'm not quite sure just yet where I will put this pretty little piece but I have a couple more things that I'd like to DIY too! I think DIY piece #1 was a success! What do you think?

Have a great week! xoxo Jessica

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