Random Wedding Wednesday

12:56:00 PM

No, no, definitely not my wedding. I am preparing for the wedding of one of my sweet cousins. Although I am going to have to go alone with my parents (B is working that night), it still calls for an amazing outfit and amazing shoes! I am still in the debating process of if I should wear a necklace or not. But here's what I got so far! 

The dress is from Francesca's - got it right before New Year's Eve. I thought it would make an amazing NYE dress but sadly my plans fell through and the tags are still on it! But I believe it will make a great dress for the wedding. I ordered the shoes above and they just came in. They are much higher than I thought but I am hoping the whole outfit comes together for Saturday. I bought the necklace above too and am debating if I should wear one or if I should just let the brocade dress do the talking. And I am definitely in LOVE with Essie's Sand Tropez nail color and I may add a little gold nail for fun. What do you think of the whole outfit? 

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