A new little home

1:40:00 PM

First things first, I have moved into my new house. Boy oh boy is it a new experience! There is a yard you have to mow, trash you have to take to the curb and NO dishwasher...let me repeat NO dishwasher therefore dishes you have to hand wash. I am no spoiled child but oh my not having a dishwasher is all new to me. It may turn out to be a good thing since I won't overuse dishes!

So, I am sorry for not being around lately, as I am trying to get my bearings on the new house and decorate and clean etc. This is no easy task y'all. I have only been staying there for a week now and the internet hasn't been set up yet either so bare with me as I begin a new routine and a new little life in this new little home.

All I have for you today are a few pictures of my room - completely untouched. There will be a lot of work going on this weekend with touch-ups, cleaning and hanging pictures on the walls as my man friend will be here to help! Woo hoo.

Here's a shot of the room from the door - closet is to the right and another window is to the left. 

And here's a shot of the front of the room from the bed. I am loving that I bought a new mattress - It has been quite a few years and it was certainly time for a new one! 

I am just smitten over this little beauty from Homegoods. Only $59.99! Score!

Thankfully Wednesday is almost over which means we are that much closer to the weekend. I have to find a dining room table and lots of living room decor for the house. Wish me luck!

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