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Hi there!

Well it has just been forever now hasn't it? I am so sorry I have been missing in action the past month. With the holidays and end of the year work, it is so hard to want to blog. But I am back and more posts will be coming! 

So a little recap, shall we?

Both of my brothers had a birthday in December, one is now 16 and the other 17. They are both driving now, just plain craziness! Also, I had Christmas parties galore and a bachelorette party too. Christmas was delightful like always and New Year's was a drag. But I promise to not be so lame this year. 

There is so much I want to change now that we are in 2013 and I am going to work extremely hard to achieve the few resolutions/goals that I have made thus far. I am sure you want to know what they are, so I will share.

1. Determine where I want to live! Sadly, I can't live with momma forever...I mean I could but it is time to find a place of my own! (I am just so darn picky and afraid of commitment with leases) So I will be giving myself a deadline of four months to figure this out! 

2. Stop worrying about finding "the one." I mean I put so much pressure on myself to truly meet someone and I am YOUNG ya'll! I need to stop worrying about it. So from now on, I will be truly happy for my friends who are getting married and be grateful when my time comes!

3. Fly somewhere on a whim. No plans, just "hey, there's two seats to _______. Let's go"! 

4. Enjoy being 23! I turn 23 on January 30th, and I want to take this year by the horns! I will not stress as much, learn to enjoy being young and stop pushing myself to be "perfect!" I will work smarter, not harder! 

There you have it. It isn't much and I plan to add to it but it's a start. Here's to 2013 loves! 

Oh and here are a few quotes to start the new year off right! 

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