Weekend recap and a short week

11:26:00 AM

Happy Tuesday all! And thank goodness for a short week. I am beyond ready for 5pm tomorrow! I just wanted to give you a little recap of my weekend. It was a great weekend, one filled with so much fun and friends and I am beginning to get in the hang of living back home and taking advantage of my weekends! 

1. Friday night I came home to find my Birchbox. If you aren't subscribed to Birchbox, you must try it out! It's only $10.00 a month and it is a sample filled box of goodies that arrives once a month on your doorstep. It definitely made a great start to my weekend! Check it out here

2. Chocolate chip pancakes are the best way to begin Saturday morning! My town is right on the east coast of Florida and we have the cutest little breakfast and brunch place in downtown. They serve the best breakfast! 

3. Just a morning stroll after breakfast with my good friend Jessica. It is amazing how beautiful of a town we live in and how blessed we are to be right on the water! 

4. Saturday night, I met a friend out at a local bar and was given a red rose by him! It was such a sweet gesture! 

5. There is no better day to shop than on Sunday. I always enjoy a good day of shopping especially with my momma. We went to the mall and I got the best deal on this dress! It is perfect for a New Year's Eve party...now just to find something to do for said evening! Again, I am in love with gold and cream so the combo on this dress is a STEAL for me! It is very light in material and almost has a ballerina look about it! 

6. After shopping, my mom and I stopped for lunch. I got a chicken salad stuffed tomato. Delicious! And I can't find a dressing similar to the one that is served with it but it is a orange sesame ginger dressing and it is so good. I love the combination of fruits and veggies in this salad! 

Looking forward to the end of this short work week and the beginning of Thanksgiving and family time as well as Black Friday! Do you do Black Friday? Around my house, it is a HUGE tradition. This year I am on the hunt for a good deal on a dining room table, more gold flats and a few small Christmas presents for friends!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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